Product Summary

A software that provides a real-time dashboard, daily prioritized worklists, quality alerts and notifications to physicians, CDI, HIM and quality and safety directors.


With an ever-increasing focus on quality measures and value-based reimbursement, it’s vitally important to have a smart, intuitive and prioritized patient review process to focus on documentation that matters most.

How It Works

Maximizing revenue for quality-based reimbursement programsjust got easier. PRECOG HEALTH’s proprietary software helps Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Health Information Management (HIM) and Quality Improvement (QI) teams identify and prioritize hospital accounts that could have a negative impact on quality-based incentive payments. Through integration with a hospital’s electronic medical record and billing system, the software provides real-time insight into how a coded patient account will impact various quality measures and the dollar impact of those results.



Maryland Hospital Acquired Conditions (MHAC’s)

Future Development

  • Patient Safety Indicators (PSI’s)
  • Quality Based Reimbursement (QBR) Performance
  • National Potentially Preventable Conditions (PPC’s)
  • Mortality
  • Pediatric Measures
  • Ambulatory Measures

Enterprise Value

Help CFOs understand, plan and optimize incentive-based reimbursement

Inform clinical operation managers on where to deploy resources to improve patient care and outcomes

Help Medical, Quality, and Safety Directors focus on quality outcomes and patient safety